John Cooper awarded by KCL

Our very own Mr John Cooper was recognised at the Kent County football league presentation night on 2nd June.


 Coops picked up the prestigious “Personality of the Year” award for 2017/18 in recognition of his 70 years of unrivalled service to the Broms.  Here is what the Kent County Football league had to say about John on the evening:

“When  deciding  on  the  Personality  of  the  Year  award  the  League  looks  to  recognize  someone  who  has  regularly  gone  beyond  the  call  of  duty.

Now  a  Club  President  we  cannot  begin  to  list  all  the  tasks  that  our  recipient  has  undertaken  for  this  club - it would  take  far  too  long.


The  person  concerned  is someone  who  has  so  willingly  given  a huge amount of  much  time,  both  at  home  and  at  the  clubs’  ground  that  the  hours  he  has  spent  most  definitely  run  into  many,  many  tens  of  thousands.


Not  only  do  all  our  members  and  visitors  always  get  a  friendly  greeting  when  they  visit the clubs’ ground  -----  they  also  receive  a  very  warm  welcome  from  our recipient.


However,  it  is  not  only  that.    Whoever  you  are,  our Personality  always  has  that  smile  to  greet  you  and makes  you  feel special ----- a  real  gentlemen  who  the  Kent  County  League  are  extremely  proud to  be  associated  with.


Such  volunteers  as  the recipient  are  very  hard  to  come  by  these  days  and  the re-naming  of  the clubs’  ground  in February of this year was  a  fitting  tribute  to  a  man  that  has  devoted  so  much  to  one  club  for  the  past  70  years.  


Very  few  volunteers  are  able  to  join  the  ‘70  year  brigade’  --  and  we  salute  our personality.


Our  personality  was  due  to  with  his  until  only  very  recently  but  other  family  problems  have  prevented  him  receiving  this  prestigious  award  in person this evening.


To  collect  the  award  for  this  evening  would  Danny  Wakelin  please  step  forward  as  we  salute  John  Cooper  of  Old  Bromleians  --------  a  magnificent  servant  for  one  Club.







Bromleians FC

The John Cooper Ground

Lower Gravel Road



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