Over the last few months of lockdown and in light of the ongoing situation with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bromleians FC Board of Management have undertaken a rigorous risk assessment in order to allow competitive football to return to our club in a safe fashion. 


Consistent with Government advice and following the stringent FA guidance we have allowed all of our teams to return to training and expect their respective seasons to commence as planned during the month of September 2020.  Clearly, however, this comes with a number of alterations to our systems and practices and a great deal of change around the venues where we play our matches.

fa covid guidance.jpg

Each of our 22 teams from under 7s to Vets have been assigned a COVID Officer to carry out the duties highlighted by the club's risk assessment in accordance with the Football Association's guidance. Their responsibilities include:


Pre-match activities

  • Ensure every player at match/ training has a COVID 19 Risk Assessment Form signed by their parent;

  • Liaise with Manager to ensure that every parent whose child is at training / match has confirmed by WhatsApp message that ‘the information provided on the Covid Risk Assessment dated xx/xx/2020 is still accurate and up to date’;

  • Update and swap ‘Track and Trace’ sheets with opposition;

  • Advise opposition that Risk assessment for venue is available on request (Home games only);

  • Ensure goal posts, corner flags and match ball are disinfected before players use them;

  • Communicate to all parents / coaches the good behaviours expected, namely;

  • Be aware of your own, and your child’s personal health;

  • Maintaining social distancing at all times;

  • Referees will (rightly) take a very dim view of spitting, coughing and shouting in close proximity of others.


During activity

  • Goal posts, corner flags and match ball to be disinfected at half time.


Post activity

  • Goal posts & corner flags to be disinfected at the end of the game;

  • Encourage players/ parents/ coaches to leave ground as soon as possible before next games parents/ players arrive;

  • Send copy of the Track and Trace form to the specialy designated email address for all things COVID: